About us

Ashiki is a Swahili word that means be in love with or be passionate about something. We at Ashiki Luxury Basket Bags we are not only passionate about beauty and elegance but also committed about climate change and empowering our communities at large.

Ashiki Luxury Basket Bags is a Kenyan luxury fashion design house founded in February 2021 by Mwanaisha Chidzuga a media personality entrepreneur and creative in Kenya. Ashiki Luxury Basket Bags is the brand’s line for all their products baskets  bags, jewelry, accessories and home decor products. Ashiki Luxury Basket Bags  use local eco-friendly raw materials from Kenya and and Africa to create elegant and luxury pieces that suit your everyday life. The products are eco-friendly creatively hand-made by experienced artisans from Kenya.

Ashiki Luxury Basket Bags brand is inspired by African Culture especially the Swahili and Mijikenda culture from the Kenya coast  where the founder was born and raised. The brand also infuses the other rich heritage, culture  from other  communities e.g. the use of Masaai beads, fine sisal, straw and raffia  as the main raw materials from the artisans from other Kenyan communities. All these has been used to bring out the elegance authenticity of the Ashiki Luxury Basket Bags and to showcase the beauty of Kenya. The Ashiki Luxury Basket Bags are created using raffia,  straw, fine sisal, lesso and the  bead work. They are hand-woven by women and artisans from Kwale, Malindi, Tana River, Ukambani and the Masaai communities.

Ashiki Luxury Basket Bags are multi-purpose bags that can be used for the following depending on the size and shape:

  • Travel bags
  • Beach baskets
  • Pack baskets
  • Shopping basket bags
  • Hand bags
  • Storage and Organizer

Ashiki Luxury Basket Bags are eco-friendly reusable and long-lasting. The funds raised from each purchase of our products help in empowering women in the rural  areas so that they are able to fend for their families especially now with the impact of Covid 19 which has left many with no means of taking care of themselves and their  families.

Moreover, the raw material used to create Ashiki Luxury Basket Bags products are environmental friendly. This helps in combating the effects of climate change. Especially the use of straw and sisal as the main product is encouraged by our brand as they reduce the effects of carbon emission to the environment. Since the raw material are re-usable and organically grown, they can be easily disposed back into the environment without adverse effects to the eco-system.

I hope Ashiki Luxury Basket Bags will bring you love, compassion and joy as it given me.

Yours Truly,

Mwanaisha Chidzuga.